Welcome to myMail

Hi and welcome to myMail!

myMail: one app to manage all your email accounts


Like so many techies, we get really (and I mean, REALLY)
tired of having to deal with a bunch of email accounts. We felt
there should be an app for that. So we’ve developed myMail,
an email app that does exactly what it’s meant for – and does
it incredibly well. To give you the taste of what you get with
myMail, we’ve drawn up a brief (and by no means complete)
list of 6 great perks of the app:

1. Push notifications for all of your                            accounts

Even if your email service doesn’t provide them


With all sorts of opportunities for customization — for
example you can mute push notifications from all social
networks or flash sales sites with one tap.

2. Make it personal. Make it visual

With email, you want to focus on what is important. myMail uses
avatars and icons from your contacts’ accounts so you can easily
identify the email sender or tell the difference between an
important personal or work message and newsletters.

3. Swipe for more

Swipe a message to
manage it: unread, flag,
move to other folder,
delete or mark as spam.

4. Your contacts at hand

When you compose or
forward emails, myMail
will suggest contacts
from your phone and all
your accounts’ address books.

5. Search and find. Really fast

Find that email you are
looking for in a snap. No
matter how old that message
may be. And, you don’t need
to remember the precise
wording — myMail provides
search suggestions for that.

6. Send those pictures!

Share all those party photos with a few taps! Pick a bunch of pictures from photo gallery all at one time.


This list only tips the surface of what myMail can do for
you. Get started, and you’ll find so much more!


We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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