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A team member will contact you regarding your order or inquiry within the next business hour.  If the team member does not follow up on your order or inquiry within the hour or your order or inquiry is time-sensitive, please contact a FedEx Office team member to discuss your project. 


If you are placing an order, please also inform the team member if you would like to see a printed sample of your project.


For your convenience, access print options & place your next order online: for in-store pickup or delivery.


Need to print on the go?  Send your files by email to Use the self-service printer at FedEx Office to print with the retrieval code you receive.

If you need assistance with your files, team members are there to help.




For more information about products and services, pack and ship services, locations, or FedEx drop-off times, go to or call 1.800.GoFedEx  1.800.463.3339.




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This e-mail transmission is not encrypted and offers no security protection. Any material you send could be viewed by a third party while in transit.


If the document you are sending is copyright or trademark protected in whole or in part, please note that FedEx Office requires written permission from the copyright or trademark holder in order to reproduce copyright or trademark protected works.


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